Mojo Magic = Permian High School = Odessa Permian Panthers = EVIL ?

It's only football






week 5

Abilene High W-1 L-4

Midland High  W-2 L-3
Odessa High W-1 L-4
Midland Lee W-2 L-3
Abilene Cooper  W-2 L-2
Odessa Permian  W-3 L-2 ( State ranking # >25)

Southlake Carroll (4-0) State Ranking (#2)

2005 NO MO Standings

Abilene High W-8 L-0

Midland High  W-6 L-2
Odessa High W-6 L-2
Midland Lee W-4 L-4
Abilene Cooper  W-4 L-4
Odessa Permian  W-4 L-4

2004 NO MO Score Board
Lubbock Monterey 48 Permian 29
Midland High 42 Permian 34
LEE Rebels 44 Permian 7
Odessa High 20 Permian 19
Abilene Cooper 34 Permian 3

Council of the PAW strikes again?

Post Season Depression
The information on this website is provided as a public service by the International NO MO MOJO Society.  We would like to thank the society for permitting us to post excerpts from their research study on the traditions and practices of the Secret Order of the Sons & Daughters of the Black.

What is MOJO?

Devotees of the Black & White will often recite the meaning of MOJO as a “can do” or “never-say-die-west-Texas-spirit.” Certainly, some will question why we would invest significant time and resources in investigating such a seemingly laudable High School credo.


Based on our 15 year investigation, we can affirmatively say that MOJO is firmly rooted in the Black Arts.  The teachings of MOJOISM can be traced all the way back to 1 B.C. when a tribe of successful dung traders began to worship moojesis-felineous (roughly translated hell’s cats).  It was believed that these cats possessed supernatural abilities to cross over into Hell and return to earth to spread arrogance, lies and deception.

MOJO comes from the Latin gatosoccultus meaning “hidden claws.” Generally the word is used to describe secret High School rituals and mysterious supernatural athletic powers.  The word MOJO is often used interchangeably with preternatural or paranormal.  Unlike natural forces, these putative supernatural forces cannot be shown to exist by any scientific method.  Claims of supernatural phenomena conflict directly and fundamentally with current U.I.L. understanding.

MOJO became a popular term to describe the phenomena of radical change in behavior and core beliefs that took place in some high school students in the late-twentieth century.  In a more general sense, the word is sometimes used to describe any form of persuasion perceived to be unethical that results in a radical and negative change in personality.


Conjuring Moojesis-Felineous

The MOJO Prophecy


Spirit Black Panthers

Is There Any Hope for MOJOIANS?

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